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Softwaretitel AMAS
Vertrieb Microdeal
Erscheinungsjahr AMAS 2 - 1991
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AMAS 2 - Advanced MIDI Amiga Sampler Two

AMAS 2 for the Amiga

Following in the footsteps of one of the best sound samplers ever produced comes the innovative AMAS 2. With even more features than the original Amas which was featured in the Paula Abdul music video "Cold Hearted" this package is high inprofessionalism but low in price. Amas 2's new digital input-controls allow you to adjust the input level of your sounds from the software suite by precise adjustment rather than by messy analogue controls as you would find on other samplers. By purchasing this state of the art product which combines a quality sampler with the expertiseof over 10 years of software programming you are purchasing a top quality product in the knowledge that it is not only compatible with existing Microdeal products but will also with future ones.

What is AMAS 2

Amas 2 is a high quality sound sampler and midi interface for the Amiga range of computers. The sampler cartridge in its stylish wedge shaped box enclosed in this package plugs into the printer and serial ports at the rear of the computer and allow you to analyze the sounds coming in, change the way they sound by using the real time special effects or record sounds all using devices such as Personal Cassette players, Compact Disc Players etc. Once in the computer AMAS 2's unique editor will enable you to edit the sound in practically any way you can imagine and even add some special effects to the sounds. Once you have the sound sample how you want it you may incorporate it into your own programs or use Amas 2's unique MIDI playback controls for replaying the sample from a MIDI kexboard or similar.

The Sampling Software

Every feature you would expect to find  in a professional editing suite including

  • Real time record/play ghost markers
  • Cut or Delete selected sample area
  • Mix sample with full or half volume
  • Shrink in by 25% 50% 75% by drag or wipe
  • Fade in/out with selectable degree of fade
  • Filter sample with soft/medium/hard filter
  • Selectable trigger volumes
  • Record frequency from 3.0 to 55.9 KHz
  • Full editing and control facility for left/right channels
  • Software selectable left and right digital input volume controls (255 levels)
  • Playback volumes
  • Decrease volume
  • Increase volume
  • Bounce sample
  • Paste sample
  • Trigger recording
  • Clear left/right samples
  • Loop sample
The Special Effects Software
For the first time ever you can emulate special sound effects in real time just like the sound labs can for film studios, normally the hardware to produce these effects would cost many times more than this package. Features on the FX menu include:
  • Built in real time special effects including Echo, Reverb, Ramp, Pitch up/down, Stereo bounce, Multi echo, Chorus Pharser, Reverse and Pitch bend
  • Fully programmable special effects so that customised effects can be recalled
  • Samples can be re-played back through the special effects menu
The Analytical Software
A whole host of pro-type analytical functions include:
  • 3D display of sample frequencies (Fast fourier transform)
  • 3D display also includes 2D envelope display plus sample information
  • Built in Stereo spectrum analyzer
  • Stereo Oscilloscopes with trigger markers
The MIDI Software
Easily accessable from pull down menus the new MIDI software suite allows you to trigger samples using either and external MIDI keyboard or the Amiga keyboard. Just look at these features:
  • Selectable MIDI channels
  • 2 voice polyphonic (Stereo)
  • Up to 18 Stereo or Mono samples can be mapped onto the keyboard
  • Multiple MIDI keyboad splits
  • Load/Save sample set (with settings/splits)
Other innovative features
We know this product is years ahead of its time and these additional features justify our boast:
  • New style stereo cartridge
  • Produces stand alone executable sample files
  • Fully multi tasking
  • Saves in IFF/Raw/Instrument1/3/5 Octave
  • Microphone included in package
  • PAL/NTSC full screen display
  • Can create workbench icons
  • Save customised settings

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