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Digital Universe

Softwaretitel Digital Universe

Digital Univerese 1.5 - 55 $ Full Package or Upgrade (VISA / Mastercard

Digital Univerese 1.5 - 25 $ fordownload (Worldwide) directly from Syzygy Website

Digital Univerese 1.6 - free update to version 1.5

Hersteller Bill Eaves & Dan Charrois
Vertrieb Syzygy Research and Technology
Erscheinungsjahr 2009
Rechnermodell Classic PPC, AmigaOne, SAM, SAM flex
OS Digital Univerese 1.6 - OS4
Arbeitsspeicher Digital Univerese 1.6 - 15 Mb
GFX Digital Univerese 1.6 - 800x600 high colour or true colour or greater
HD-Install Digital Univerese 1.6 - 50 Mb
Sprache Englisch


MUI 3.9



Diskette Screenshot


System Requirements to run "The Digital Universe"


Despite the high accuracy and extensive detail exhibited by the software, The Digital Universe has been written with a maximum degree of compatibility in mind. Even those with relatively modest computers will find the software useful and easy to use.

The minimum system requirements to run The Digital Universe are:

  • Amiga OS4
  • MUI 3.9 (included as contribution files with Amiga OS4)
  • Amiga One, SAM or Classic PPC equipped Amiga running OS4 *
  • 15 MB free memory
  • 50 MB free hard disk space
  • Display capable of high colour or true colour screens of 800x600 or greater

* The Digital Universe will probably run comfortably on any system capable of running Amiga OS4. Even an OS4 equipped "Classic" Amiga with older PPC accelerator should be able to run the software, our standards for a high level of performance were based on an 800 Mhz G4 Amiga One.

Not absolutely required but some useful utilities to enhance The Digital Universe operation are:

  • MPEGA Datatype for playing the introduction theme
  • OpenURL library for enabling interaction with the Internet
  • urltext.mcc for even better internet link handling


Einsendungen: HelmutH

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