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Softwaretitel AmiPodder
Preis Freeware
Erscheinungsjahr AmiPodder 1.7 - 16.09.2007
OS AmiPodder 1.7 - OS3, OS4 und MOS
HD-Install AmiPodder 1.7 - 840 Kb
Sprache Englisch





AmiPodder  - Get Podcasts on your Amiga

AmiPodder is a freeware podcast client for computers running AmigaOS and other compatible operating systems. With AmiPodder you can subscribe to podcast feeds (usually for free), download episodes and then listen to them on your Amiga or transfer them to a portable music player. AmiPodder supports audio and video podcasts and has many useful features


With AmiPodder, subscribing and listening to podcasts on you Amiga is easy. Just paste in the address of a podcast feed and AmiPodder will list all the available episodes. Choose when ones you want to download and then listen to them in your favourite music player (like AmigaAmp or TuneNet). If you have a portable music player, AmiPodder can transfer (sync) your podcasts to the player. If you want it to, AmiPodder can check your feeds regularly for new podcasts and download them so there's always something new to listen to or watch! Here are some of AmiPodder's main features:

  • Subscribe to podcast feeds.
  • Download podcasts using IBrowse, AWeb, Charon or wget.
  • Download podcasts from bittorrent feeds using CTorrent.
  • Organise your subscribed podcasts into groups.
  • Browse available podcasts in your subscribed feeds and download them.
  • Automatically check for new episodes, you can set how often AmiPodder checks and which podcasts it should check.
  • Play audio podcasts in AmigaAmp, AmiNetRadio, Delitracker or TuneNet.
  • Play video podcasts in any movie player including MPlayer and Frogger.
  • Optionally, automatically download new podcasts when they are available.
  • "Sync" new podcasts to any portable music player that appears as a volume on Workbench.
  • Manage downloaded podcast files and those synced to your player.
  • Independent download and sync preferences for audio and video podcasts.



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