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Softwaretitel PageStream

PageStream 5.0 (OS3+OS4) - 99$

PageStream 5.0 Professional (OS3+OS4) - 149$

Hersteller Deron Kazmeier
Vertrieb Soft Logik

Pagestream (OS3) - 04.02.2010

Pagestream (OS3) - 25.02.2010

Rechnermodell Amiga 500, 1000, 2000
Sprache Englisch



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Pagestream 2.0

Welcome to the world of Desktop Publishing. PageStream was create to provide a desktop publishing system with greater power and flexibility than previously available on microcomputers.

Typographical Features:

  • Importing of text from popular word processors, as well as standard ASCII text
  • Export text as ASCII
  • Search and replace text and attributes
  • Includes ten type faces; Tyme, Helv, Saturn, Columbia, Hudson, University Roman, Letter Gothic, Creative, Artistic, Oriental; with many more available seperately
  • All fonts have a point size range from 1/50 of a point to 1310 points in 1/50 of a point increments
  • Variable superscript and subscript
  • Variable left and right indent and paragraph indent/outdent
  • Leading and Tracking (Line/Chatacter spacing) with tracking control to 1/10,000 em
  • Justification: block left, block right, center, auto justify, charakter justify, and word justify
  • Tags (Styles) can be defined with any combination of attributes
  • Maunal or batch kerning with user definable kerning pairs
  • Manual and batch hyphenation as well as batch spell checking
  • Text run-around(wrap) of graphics
  • Macros of up to 128 characters long
  • Keyboard equivalents of virtually all functions
Printing Features:
  • PageStream uses scalable outline font technology as well as downloadable PostScript fonts
  • Print multiple copies
  • Select any range of pages in a document to be printed; collated or non-collated
  • Print reduced or enlarged
  • Four-color or machanical separation
  • Write white function allows the printing of negatives
  • Tiling option allows a document larger than your paper size to be printed on multiple pages
  • Crop and registration marks
  • Support available for most printers including PostScript
Layout and View Capabilities:
  • Master Pages for repeating elements across a single or double-sided documents
  • Portrait (vertical) or Landscape (horizontal) orientations for documents
  • Eleven page size presets PLUS a user-definable option for page size up to 18 by 18 inches.
  • Create unlimited number of columns, of any size, anywhere on the page both visually and numerically, to exact dimensions
  • Background grid and guides to help with placement of objects
  • Insert, delete or move a single page or a set of pages in a document
  • Multiple documents may be open at one time
  • Automatic and manual text routing
  • Automatic page numbering in Arabic, or Roman numerals
  • Serveral screen viewing options are available, including VARIABLE ZOOM and 6 pre-set sizes
Graphic Capabilities:
  • Grouping of objects
  • Forty preset fill patterns plus a user-editable fill style or percentage fills
  • Nine different line styles with variable widths
  • Up to 256 different colors per document
  • Importation and exportation of graphics in various formats
  • Cut, copy, and paste of objects and text
  • Command to select all objects on a page
  • Undo of object-oriented commands
  • Edit dimensions of objects numerically
  • Alignment of objects to each other or to the page
  • Rotate, slant, and twist any object in one-degree increments
  • Lock and unlook objects to the page
  • Duplication of objects with definable X and Y offset

Einsendungen: HelmutH

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